Saturday, May 17, 2008

Boston Museum of Fine Arts Visit

I have always been attracted to ancient Egypt. Before I actually got an opportunity to visit in the 80's I watched any and everything on television and in the movies about Egypt, and if visiting a museum would look at their Egyptian exhibit. In 2004 I visited Boston's Museum of Fine Arts with the sole purpose of re-visiting their Egyptian exhibit. They have one of the best and largest permanent exhibits in the United States. I had my cheap digital camera with me, so I apologize for the pixel quality of the photos in this post.

When I returned home and downloaded the photos taken in the museum I was shockingly disappointed. They were all blurred; I can see taking a few like that but ALL of them? The other photos in the camera weren't blurred, but I was ticked! I live hours away in another state and would not likely be taking another trip down there for quite a, with the cost of admission and parking; it was quite a disappointment. But wait! My mind started looking at these photos with an analytical eye and I discovered that the photos weren't blurred; it was the artifacts that were blurred. The people in the photos were still..

You will see what I mean when you look at them. Then, in my pondering as to "why" these artifacts were "vibrating" I remembered reading that on that day, there was a special light frequency permeating the planet.
Many don't know that Egyptian statues, obelisks, temples and columns were created using pink granite. Pink granite is a high conductor of energy because it has a high mix of quartz in the matrix. The ancient Egyptians used this stone because it could conduct "spiritual energy."
I guess on the day I took these photos, the artifacts were absorbing and vibrating the ultra high energy permeating the planet that day.

This is the way the statues and columns are supposed to look (again, I apologize for the quality)

Take a look at this photo. Examine the top and bottom of the column. Do you see the vibration going on? At first I thought it was because I moved while taking the picture, but look at the woman in the photo... She is still.
Here it is again with arrows pointing to the vibrating portions.

Here is another view.. See the people are still, and the top of the statue is 'vibrating? What is "wrong" with this concept?!
One last time, in color...

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